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Neurone Cluster

Neurone Cluster, Specimens 1-4

I came across these petri dishes and immediately new that I wanted them in my work for their scientific element and the circular shape. The circle has previously come into my work through the embroidery hoop, as well as in my research into sacred geometry and the Flower of Life.

Neurone Cluster features multiple layers and combinations of materials displayed in petri dishes, including tracing paper, maps, pen, ink, silk and felt. Continuing my exploration into the landscape of the mind, the layers depict an imagined landscape and cartography of the brain, thoughts and nerves.

In sacred geometry the Flower of Life (or Seed of Life) is a symbol made up of seven evenly spaced, overlapping circles. It has been used as decorative motif since ancient times, representing spiritual beliefs and depicting fundamental aspects of space and time. The Fruit of Life symbol, composed of thirteen circles, is said to be the blueprint of the universe, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence.

#science #neuroscience #art #neurons

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