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New works: Cerebral Cortex & Neurone

In my studio over the last few weeks I've been working on some new silk works on my current theme, Synapse Silks.

For the new pieces I've been working on a smaller scale, of 15 x 15cm. My inspiration for smaller works came from making some blank art cards in September 2012. The cards are 13.5cm x 13.5cm, using miniature silk paintings and a white card border.

15cm x 15cm was also the criteria for an exhibition that I was keen to submit some work to, Avenue Gallery's 15 x 15 x £15 exhibition. I was a student at Avenue Campus nearly 10 years ago studying Foundation in Art & Design. Crazy that it's been that long! So I decided to make some new works to submit to the exhibition at the end of November.

My previous Synapse Silk works were created using layers of inks, pastels, dyes and wax on silk material. I represented the brain's neurological connections by drawing from neural imagery, onto a material that is fragile and similar to the fibres of the brain.

As well exhibiting my previous silk pieces as installations, hanging from the wall and ceiling, I really liked the effect whilst photographing the works. I photographed the silks laying on a flat surface and created folds in the silk to emphasis the brain's folds.

#art #brain #cerebralcortex #artcards #synapse #neuroscience

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