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The Neurotourist, by Lone Frank

I'm currently reading a really good book on the subject of brain science, covering areas such as mirror neurons, called 'The Neurotourist- Postcards From the Edge of Brain Science'- by Lone Frank, 2011.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a very interesting read on brain science, written in an easy to read style- not like your typical neuroscience text book.

Throughout the book Lone Frank explores many areas of Neuroscience, visiting places such as Brain Research Centres, Brain Bank's, University Neuroscience Departments. She speaks with Neuroscientists and Professors, as well as experiencing first-hand experiments that they are currently working on... Very interesting stuff!

I'm not going to tell you too much about what's in the book, because I don't want to ruin it for you if you choose to read it...however I wanted to share some of the information about mirror neurones that relates to and informs my art work.

'Mirror neurones, put simply, are brain cells that allow us to mirror others. They have two, almost mirrored, functions. On the one hand, they participate actively when we undertake a particular action- typically, a movement- and, on the other hand, they are also active when we see someone else do the same action.' - Lone Frank. The Neurotourist.

In the book, Lone Frank talks about Giacomo Rizzolatti, the Italian Neurophysiologist who works at the University of Parma. He is the Senior Scientist of the research team that discovered mirror neurons in the frontal and parietal cortex . Frank talks about the discovery and how it came about by accident in experiments performed with monkey's. Frank also explores many other areas of brain science, that are all very interesting, such as the brain revolution, the social mind, religion in the synapses, morality, economics, lies, and and I may well be compelled to share more insights from the book at a later date.

My research into neuroscience is purely as an artist, and is intended to inspire and inform my art practice, not for scientific research.

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