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Starlight final stages

It's been a little while since the last post... I'm happy to say 'Starlight' is now in her temporary home of the Royal & Derngate until September!

I prepared her for travelling, by wrapping her in copious amounts of bubblewrap and fragile tape. Then she was picked up by the lovely gentlemen at Wild in Art, I couldn't resist calling him Noah, to join all the other animals in the storage warehouse before going off to her final destination.

This is when I came across a few technical difficulties.... I had to buy new lights, and re-thread them in the last 2 weeks before the sculpture's went out.

I found out that the light's used in Starlight weren't the right type of long lasting LED bulbs needed for health and safety reasons, and I needed to change all the lights. As well as that 2 of the ropes were faulty and had to be changed anyway.

So I bought Starlight an upgrade! She is now kitted out with top of the range LED connectable rope lights that are 95% more energy efficient, last up to 5x longer, with brighter bulbs...and are safer, all round better lighting! The new lights are also beautiful, bright lights, I much prefer the lights colour and clarity than the old ones.

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