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Starlight's progress... post 3

I've been so busy preparing the body with holes for the lights, that I've not told you about my plan for the head and legs...

I decided that she would be painted grey/blue. This is to resemble an elephant's skin colour, with a blue tint to go with the blue rope lights on her body. I intend to gradually fade the grey/blue colour of the head and legs into the white colour of her body.

I've now started painting the head; firstly an undercoat of grey/blue paint, then I drew the design in pencil, before starting to paint.

The inspiration for my painted design on her head came from the decorative headdresses seen on Indian elephant's. I've also tried to incorporate the rope lighting into the design, by painting turquoise and yellow ropes from the star in the centre. Due to the nature of the lights on her body, I also wanted to use silver within the head design, to hopefully reflect some of the twinkling lights.

I chose a star for her head design to enhance the theme of the twinkling lights flowing through her body... and 'Starlight' was born!

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